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yeah. it's like this...

well...just joined. TFK Are my favorite band. They rock my socks.

I have black hair, and my nose is peirced.

so, yeah. whats up with you all?
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yeah i is. lol. just playin. but yeah.

my user pic is David Bowie. he rocks my socks. 80's. need i say more...

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that you in the pic?

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moving right along......

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oh! Was that a dis? fool. just playin...

Um, went to rock the universe. Saw RK, and Jown Reu. get this. He hugged me and i got a pic with him.

so....how bout you?

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dude. where do you live? they aren't commin by me anytime soon.

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they are also a christian band...you know that right?

canada sucks.

oh. was that out loud? my bad;-)

no. juss playin.

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so, are you not a christian?

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I'm italian....and thats about the closest i am to catholic....ha