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Hello everyone!

I'm new here, to the com, I joined lastnight and I wanted to post today! I was on a squee high this morning and I made a banner. It's nothing big or fancy, but I like it. And wantd to share.

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cool beans
sweetness. i haven't been on here in an extremely long time... that's why i'm just now commenting. lol. can you make icons? that's so totally sweet. i have one tfk icon, but i'm so tech. challenged that if i made one it would be a joke. lol. btw, you have awesome taste in bands :)
Aw! Thanks! ^^;; I'm glad you liked it. I was in a weird mood that week ><;; couldn't get over the high, ><;;.

But yeah! I can totally make icons! Not sure how good they would come out ><;; but yeah I can make you one! ^^;; Just send me some links of pics you like and I will make it for you as soon as I can! ^^;;

Well, here are some links, i think this is what you wanted... lol... like i said, i'm totally tech. challenged. Thanks a million, you're basicly my new best friend, lol.

I know that the last one is fm static, but i'm in love with trevor and he looks incredibly cute in that pic, lol.
Okay here are the icons. I didn't know what you wanted me to do.. so I did what I thought looked nice. I hopw you like them.. well here they go!

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I hope you like them.. if not then I can try again ^^;;
I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Lol no prob yo!

If you want more just tell me.. I like making icons.
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